Rubber roll size 10"x10"

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Product name/Measurement A B C D E F G H I J
Rubber roll , size 10 inch Aluminum core 254 ±1 204 195 142 116 4--13 254 119 8 127



A : O.D of roll

B : O.D of core

C : I.D of core

D : Dia. of boft-holes

E : Dia. of central hole

F : Dia. of bolt-hole.

G : Height of roller.

H : Height to upper bolt-face.

I : Thickness of bolt-face.

J : Height to inferior bolt-face.

Our products have superior properties as  following :

-- > Ensure good adhesion , rubber not separate from the metal core
-- > Good heat resistance and high abrasion resistant ,maximum durability, thus increasing the output of rolls.
-- > Modern mixing machine and works automatically to ensure correct chemical formula .Therefore , ensure stable quality of the rolls, as well as the desired hardness shore A.
-- > The selection of metal (aluminium or cast iron) cores be managed strictly to ensure proper size, good quality , ensure no broken or shape changing while assembling and operating in tough condition.
-- > Technical staffs have many years experience in rubber rolls field can design products according to customers ' high technical demand./.

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